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Already Hannukah and Almost Christmas

My Kickstarter Project: The World That Was

I know I don't post here often, but with my Facebook account, my Twitter account, my author Facebook account/group page/fan page, and my author blog, it's getting a little overwhelming.

Hopefully in January I will be at work on a new book, which is YA by default because the main character is 14, plus I don't want to be overly pressured to make it long. It's set in a post-apocalyptic future (surprise!) where the surviving communities live in the mountains and the main character (Pema) is the only member of her village with the genetic predisposition to survive the journey between mountains and must strike out on their sake to make contact with the others. The hook is it's a Himalayan setting, drawing heavily on Tibatan, Bhutanese, and Nepali myth, with Pema herself modeled somewhat after Guru Rinpoche. At the moment I'm piling through every book of history, myth, and legends for that region in preparation.

In the meantime I'm also working on book 5, with a tentative publication date of April or May. I just got it back from Brandy, and on January 1st I'm going to send it off to my copyeditor. I may end up going with an eBook publishing company to help me with publicity, depending on what my agent thinks about that.

In other news I'm going to be in India in March volunteering in the Tibetan refugee community, and possibly even going to Tibet for 5 days if I can manage it with the snow and the political situation. I have Kickstarter project up, so please check it out, watch the video, and if you are flush with cash (in some imaginary dimension where the economy is good and we're not all barely making it by with three part-time jobs) please consider donating. Or give a dollar. Or whatever, give directly to a charity instead (Kickstarter donations are not tax-deductible).

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